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Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Miami Dade Police Director Freddy Ramírez had some interesting things to say when he spoke Tuesday morning with Maria Fernanda Silva and me on Panorama Nacional, the show we co-host on Actualidad Radio.

He told us most of the gang style violence we're seeing lately in SoFlo is fueled by nasty social media fights. These are the times we live in. Trigger happy punks exchange insults on social media and then they go out on killing sprees.

Ramírez also said that he´s not feeling the same pressures of other police chiefs in the country from politicians and community activists who advocate defunding the police. According to Ramírez, the Miami Dade Police Department has the full support of the community and our local political class. Ramírez says his department has yet to experience the wave of police resignations and early retirements happening in other American cities, from Seattle to New York. Miami Dade´s cops are staying put and there´s no problem recruiting rookies, according to Ramírez. One thing Ramírez wouldn´t say, though, is if he'll run for Sheriff in the 2024 elections, when we'll go back to the ballot box to pick our top cop in Miami Dade. I tried getting an answer from him, but Ramírez insisted he's too busy with his present job to even think about his future.

By the way, I think electing the head of our county police is probably not a good idea. It just gives Miami Dade voters another chance to make a stupid decision.

I´m all in for democracy, elections and so forth. But we´re not very good at it in SoFlo. I dread the thought of one of our career politicians heading the Miami Dade Police Department.

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