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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Written Monday, May 11th of 2020

1. The gig economy sucks. It's a modern day type of exploitation, a 21th Century form of serfdom.

2. We have a Commie style-bureaucracy in Florida. It's called the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. Now, I'm not claiming these are people who say to themselves ''better red than dead." I'm sure most of them probably never heard of the Communist Manifesto. But their incompetence in handling the unemployment benefits crisis can only be described as Soviet-like.

3. There's very little eloquence in public life. There are too many public officials at every level of government with limited vocabularies.

4. I'll keep listening to the mostly incoherent public officials and the mostly articulate medical experts, but I'll make up my own mind how to protect my health and my life and those of others. For now and the foreseeable future, I'll keep wearing face masks in public and will continue keeping social distance. If some dumb ass politician decides to prematurely open up the beaches where I live, it's my decision to stay away. There's nothing I can do about those who would flock to the sand and water. I know scientists are saying that those people may well become Covid-19 carriers, but the only thing I can do is isolate myself even further. Bottom line, it will be my decisions that help save me.

5. I don't think the local political class where I live is looking at how government is going to be funded once we beat the pandemic. I keep asking and I get no real answers. Are they going to raise sales and property taxes? Are they expecting a huge federal bailout? Are they going to fire cops, firemen and garbage collectors?


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